Thimblr by JP

Hello! Thimblr is a program that will help you design templates for tumblr. Drawing strong influence from Mark Wunch's Thimble, Thimblr is a complete rewrite in Ruby providing an in-built server and some extra helpers that will hopefully make editing your themes as easy as planning for internet explorer can be…

You can find the latest version of thimblr on github but you can install it from gemcutter/rubygems or upgrade your copy with gem update Thimblr, as with any other gem.


Don't Panic! Thimblr is very easy to use. Once you've installed it just type thimblr in a terminal window and a browser will be launched for you.

Just choose a theme, view it, edit it and repeat! Thimblr even notices when you've changed a theme file.


gem install Thimblr

Hackity Hack

All Thimblr's settings can be edited on a helper page like this one, or in the settings.yaml file in the gem source.

Thimblr runs on Ruby, and Sinatra. Feel free to fork the project on github and play around. If you make any modifications you're proud off, send me a message! I'll fold useful things into my repo.

Up to date

Any news for Thimblr will be posted on my tumblog, the rubygems page will give you an overview of updates and the github page will let you see the source.

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